Corporate Citizenship

Overview of Corporate Citizenship


One Caribbean Media is strongly committed to the Caribbean region. We see ourselves as citizens of this region, giving voice to the people of the region and giving the views of Caribbean people to the rest of the world. As the region’s leading media group, we embrace without reservation and are committed to defend the values of Freedom of Expression, including the freedom of the institutional media and journalistic integrity.

We identify strongly with the communities in which we operate and with the social betterment of its citizens. In particular, through our various operating entities, we have embraced the following causes:-

  • Children (Trinidad Express)
  • Protection and Preservation of the Environment (Barbados Nation)
  • Disaster Relief (Barbados Starcom Network Inc.)

We are committed to the welfare and development of our employees. Our objective is to attract, develop and retain quality staff working within an inclusive and exciting media environment, where our employees understand the joys and the burdens of the media, and where they can celebrate the joys and carry the burdens with the fullest appreciation of their role in promoting free and democratic societies. We are committed to a safe and healthy working environment for our employees free of hazards to safety, drugs, and substances which may be abused.

Overview of Corporate Citizenship