One Caribbean Media Limited provides a range of media-related and other services:

Video Production and Editing

Six Point

Six Point Productions provides video production and editing services. It has developed extensive capability in the production of sporting events –cricket, soccer, etc, documentaries, and commercials. Six Point Productions is one of the premier television production companies of Trinidad & Tobago with a well-established reputation throughout the Caribbean. Six Point Productions has engaged in the full spectrum of video production activities, ranging from full-length feature films to multi-camera productions for live broadcasts and packaged productions of varying genres and lengths.

Six Point combines the best in television production technology with the talents and skills of Trinidad and Tobago’s most experienced media professionals in producing work that is recognizable by its quality and respect for superior production values of an international standard. Six Point’s work has been broadcast on some of the top stations throughout the Caribbean and beyond.
Six Point Productions offers the full range of services and support for television production. These include:

  • Production Needs Assessment
  • Concept development
  • Pre-Production Planning
  • Script Writing & Research
  • Editing (Final Cut Pro), Graphics & Post Production
  • Lighting
  • Sound Engineering
  • Studio and field production (single and multi-camera up to 12)
  • Live capabilities via microwave
  • Satellite up link facilities to the Caribbean and the rest of the world