CCN-TV6 began broadcasting on September 15th, 1991 with viewing hours from 6:00 to 10:00p.m. daily. Prior to that date, audience choices were limited as the Government owned Television station was the only choice. Once TV6 was launched, this quickly changed with the opening of the market and very soon there were three (3) Television Stations.

CCN-TV6’s rapid growth to its number one (1) position today, has been attributed to our strong Prime Time programming, anchored by the one (1) hour TV6 News nightly at 7 o’clock. We have topped the share of the national viewing audience in 15 surveys conducted over the last four years.

We boosted our programming by also investing in local programmes like ‘Westwood Park’, a ‘Soap Opera’, that currently stands as the most viewed ‘Soap’ nationally.

Added to all of that, is our investment in Sports and the local entertainment industry. Our Production Team handles world class soccer events for ESPN on a fairly regular basis.

CCN-TV6 was the first local broadcaster to produce and export Carnival to the outside world through Pay-Per-View in North America.

We have continued to invest in our local entertainment industry and in 2000 the Brass Festival, which features our top bands and artistes, was seen on BET Pay-Per-View for the first time.

Our objective to provide our viewers with quality programmes from a local, regional and international perspective is ongoing.


The TV6 News is the most-watched television programme, local and foreign, in the Trinidad and Tobago market. For the past five years, it has enjoyed unrivalled ratings with its viewership dominating the full array of demographics. The TV6 News runs a full hour from 7 p.m. with five segments: News; Sports; International News; Weather and Special Features. There are two supporting 15-minute newscasts- the Morning Edition TV6 News at 6 a.m. and a late-night 30-minute “News at 10”. The TV6 Weekend News runs for 30 minutes from 7 p.m.


CCN TV6 operates an analog composite NTSC 525 television system.

CCN TV6 transmits on three frequencies Channel 6 and 18 in Trinidad, and Channel 19 in Tobago.

The Channel 6 transmitter is a 25KiloWatt unit and covers most areas of Trinidad while the 1 kilowatt Channel 18 transmitter serves the north west part of the island where the hilly terrain obscures the signal from Channel 6.

These facilities cover 95% of the population in Trinidad and 75% in Tobago.