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Caribbean Film and Video

One Caribbean Media has sponsored the production of several films and video documentaries. These include:-

Ghost of Hing King Estate: – directed by Horace Ovie and produced by Francis Escayg. This film was shot on location in Trinidad and explores the mystery of six workers who died under strange circumstances in five months at a local plantation in Las Cuevas. The surviving workers and the surrounding villagers accuse the plantation overseer’s wife, Carmelle, of being a witch and of poisoning the workers. Ernest, the overseer at the plantation defends her down to his own untimely death. She is eventually terrorized by the villagers and driven out of the estate house ending up living alone in an old shack on a riverbank in the forest.

This film is filled with much intrigue and drama.

Joebell and America:- A television adaptation of a short story by acclaimed Trinidad born author and playwright, Earl Lovelace was directed by Asha Lovelace and director of photography, Walt Lovelace

Joebell is a young ‘Trini’ man with a burning ambition to reach America. In his plotting and failed attempt to con his way into the states, he rediscovers himself and is forced to accept his true identity

Shot on location in Trinidad’s sleepy Lopinot village, the movie is richly embedded with the traditions, dialects and lifestyles that reflect West Indian culture. The movie is as hilarious as it is a poignant examination of the cultural heritage, identity and the dreams and aspirations of West Indians and the prosperity promised by other cultures.

Caribbean Film and Video