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The Trinidad Express was founded in 1967 by a group of journalists who found themselves displaced when the British -owned “Daily Mirror” was brought out by foreign owners of the rival Guardian newspaper. They enlisted the help of a number of their country’s leading businessmen and on June 6 1967 the first paper rolled off the presses. The popular wisdom was that it would not have lasted three months but it not only lasted but prospered. Thirty-four years later it is now owned by its holding company, Caribbean Caribbean Network( CCN), which also owns the country’s leading television station TV 6 and has significant holdings in a number of Caribbean media houses.

A major contributor to its parent company CCN, the Express has had little trouble living up to the success of its predecessors. Founded on the precepts of good solid expository and investigative reporting it is surpassed by none in its field. Its clear ands concise yet simple style reaches a wide cross section of the Trinidad and Tobago society. The Trinidadian culture is one that is beautifully shaped by a cacophony of ethnic mixtures. The Express is the pulse of the people as it strives to reflect each of these facets by enlightening (in depth looks into historic origins) and sensitizing (coverage of festivals) the nation a\to each culture that makes the society so wonderfully diversified. This type of reporting combined with strong analysis of news and events has created a definite niche and has made the Daily Express and the Sunday Express household names.

The paper has grown to an average daily readership of over 75,000 which represents over 40% of the reading population of Trinidad and Tobago. Unlike our competitors we have maintained this dominant position with a strong rate card, our advertisers supporting our market position . Its Sunday figures remain unsurpassed by the competition with the highest recorded sales in the country for the past five years – outselling the competition by almost 8,000 copies each week. The paper aims to maximize every opportunity to become not only the choice of Trinbagonians today, but to span the Caribbean.

The Express web site, first published in 1997 has grown to attract a monthly audience of 140,000 unique visitors from all over the globe. Every day more than 10,000 people log in for an update on the news and events from our nation.

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